About ELAE

The Emirati League against Epilepsy (ELAE) chapter is a professional organization of the International League against Epilepsy (ILAE) for health care providers, scientists and technologists involved in the diagnosis, treatment and research of epilepsy in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The objectives of the Society are to:


  • To ensure implementation of standards of epilepsy care and education in UAE
  • Promote the exchange of medical and scientific information related to epilepsy
  • To provide a nation-wide education and training to all health care providers in various aspects of epilepsy.
  • To collaborate with the regional chapters of the Commission of the Eastern Mediterranean Affairs (CEMA) in the areas of education and research
  • To advance professional epilepsy care in UAE to an internationally accepted standards
  • To educate the general public in UAE about epilepsy and its management and to organize educational forums targeting patients and their caregivers
  • To lobby with governmental agencies for comprehensive coverage of medical and surgical requirements of patients with epilepsy and to advocate setting driving regulations for patients suffering from epilepsy
  • To arrange congresses, forums and educational and research meetings as deemed necessary
  • To attract local neurologists to participate actively in all chapter’s activities and to encourage meetings participation opportunities at local, regional and international levels.
  • To promote research and surveys in the field of epilepsy and its related subjects

The chapter is registered under the Dubai Association Center (DAC), UAE. The chapter was first established in 2005. The ELAE promotes and advocates improved medical management of epilepsy in UAE, supporting the scientific work within the field of epilepsy.