1. To ensure implementation of standards of epilepsy care and education in UAE
  2. To provide a nation-wide education and training to all health care providers in various aspects of epilepsy.
  3. To collaborate with the regional chapters of the CEMA in the areas of education and research
  4. To advance professional epilepsy care in UAE to internationally accepted standards
  5. To educate the general public in UAE about epilepsy and its management and to organize educational forums targeting patients and their caregivers
  6. To lobby with governmental agencies for comprehensive coverage of medical and surgical requirements of patients with epilepsy and to advocate setting driving regulations for patients suffering from epilepsy
  7. To arrange congresses, forums and educational and research meetings as deemed necessary
  8. To attract local neurologists to participate actively in all chapter’s activities and to encourage meetings participation opportunities at local, regional and international levels.
  9. To promote research and surveys in the field of epilepsy and its related subjects.
  1. Adult and pediatric neurologists, neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons, internists, pediatricians, family physicians, neuropsychologists, neurophysiologists, and research scientists interested in the field of epilepsy can apply for membership in the ELAE
  2. Membership fees are set at a yearly fee of 100 Dirhams

Members of the ELAE shall meet and elect the Executive Committee. Members of the executive Committee will be elected for a four years period. The Executive Committee will be composed of:

  1. President
  2. Vice president
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Three members
  6. Past president

A letter should be sent to all members of the ELAE specifically informing them of the date and location of the election. Any member can apply for a specific position in the executive committee. The member applying for the position of president needs to have expertise in the field of epilepsy. The voting will be held by open vote. The applicant with the highest number of votes will be elected for that position. In case of a tie, the more senior candidate will be elected. If an elected member of the Executive Committee is unable to persevere in his/her position, new election for the specific position will be held.

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee and the General Assembly and shall appoint special task force committees and commissions in unlimited numbers in consultation with the Executive Committee.

Vice- president
The Vice-Presidents shall closely assist the President, and shall assume the duties of the President in his /her absence.

The Secretary-General shall conduct the affairs of the ELAE under the direction of the Executive Committee. He/she will coordinate the organization and agenda of the ELAE meetings and will draft the minutes of the meetings.

The Treasurer will prepare the budget and coordinates all economic aspects related to the activities.of the ELAE.

The executive committee of the ELAE shall meet on regular basis, and not less than 10 meetings per year. The quorum for any board meeting will be 50% of the board members plus one and these meetings to be held alternating between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Votes of any administrative issue will be by open votes by members of the Executive Committee. The voted upon issues will be approved based on majority votes (50% plus one) from members of the ELAE executive committee attending the meeting. In case of a tie vote, the vote of the President shall count twice. Following each meeting, the secretary is expected to write the minutes of that meeting and circulate them by e mail to every member of the ELAE.

ELAE may set up task forces dedicated to specific topics. The president of the ELAE will assign a member to head each of the task forces. Task forces may include external persons, non-members of the ELAE, with a particular expertise in the topic. A task force will remain operational until it produces the requested outcome.

  1. The ELAE must send to the ILAE Secretary-General the names and contact information of its officers within thirty days after the Chapter’s Executive Committee elections. If changes in contact addresses occur these must be immediately reported to the Secretary General of the ILAE.
  2. The ELAE must submit any changes to its Constitution and By-Laws (in English) to the Secretary General within thirty days.
  3. By March of each year, the ELAE is requested to upload/enter their database, including e-mail addresses, to the ILAE website.
  4. Before January 1st of each year, the Chapter shall pay to ILAE, annual dues which shall be proportional to the number of dues paying members as of December 31 of the previous year, and shall be fixed for each fiscal period of the General Assembly
  5. Grants and other contributions will be deposited to an account that will be established according to the Emirates Medical Association regulations. Expenses needed by the ELAE will be approved by the executive committee

These rules and regulations may be amended at any time by decision of the ELAE, subjected to an approval by the ILAE Executive Committee.